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What happens at a house valuation?

At a house valuation an estate agent or valuer visits your house and estimate how much the property is worth. They will inspect the exterior and interior, ask you some questions and perhaps take some measurements.

How is a house valued?

A valuer will take a range of things into consideration when viewing your property. They will look at its condition, the number of rooms it has, its age, location, whether it has parking and its potential to be expanded. They will also identify any unique features the property has which could make a difference to its value.

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Booking a valuation appointment

If you are thinking of selling your home and finding out how much your property is worth, you can book a free valuation appointment with haart. Some other agencies may charge a small fee or require you to use their services to market their property following a home valuation, but haart will not do this.

Preparing for a valuation             

How do you prepare for your valuation appointment?

At this stage it is not essential to make your house look like a show home, as if you were showing the property to a prospective buyer. A good agent will not let minor clutter have any effect on the valuation. However, it is always advisable to tidy up, perhaps clean the kitchen and bathroom and give a good impression of the property to the agent conducting the valuation.

What the estate agent will do at the house valuation

Take measurements

An estate agent will measure the floor space of each room in square feet, in order to calculate the overall size of the property. This will have a direct bearing on the valuation of the property. These measurements will also be used to prepare the marketing details of the property.

Ask questions about your property

An agent may ask you some questions about the property. These questions may be related to the tenure of the property (freehold or leasehold), any structural issues with the property, the age of the boiler or any recent modernisation that has been done. They may also ask about the amenities in the local area, although they should have this knowledge already.

Compare to similar properties in the local area

Agents conduct an analysis of the property market in the local area, looking at the selling price of similar properties. They will evaluate if a particular type of property is selling fast, or more slowly, and take that into account when coming up with their final valuation.

The final valuation figure

Our agent aims to provide an accurate valuation of your property at the valuation appointment, which will be confirmed after the appointment with a final valuation figure. We can make recommendations on how the property should be marketed and ensure you are happy with the valuation.

Book your free valuation with haart

If you are looking for a valuation on your property, haart offer a free, up to date, no obligation valuation service.

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