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Finding buyers other agents don't.


In 2022 FLINK helped reach an additional 3,636* people (on average) per property. 

Delivering more serious views.


haart properties received on average 315* extra views on websites with FLINK in 2022. 

Helping you to sell for more.


In 2020 FLINK helped sell 1,887* group properties over their original asking price. 

What is Flink?

66% of buyers aren't currently looking to move, but would if they saw their dream property.

FLINK shows off your property's best features to potential buyers, reaching homeowners before they are looking to move. 

When 'passive' buyers happen to see a property feature they like, it kicks off the sales process.

How does FLINK find more buyers?

FLINK examines data from social media providers, using clever technology to understand who might be interested in your home. 

It then creates over 40 carefully targeted ad variants, each carefully optimised for your home and shares them across social media.  It's intelligent, it's targeted and it's a great way to grab attention from potential buyers. 

How is FLINK different?

Some other agents attempt social media advertising for property.  Typically they will put together a single ad and share it to their followers.  Often, the results show limited exposure for the property - meaning a reduced chance of finding buyers.  

FLINK targets more intelligently than a standard Facebook Boost, it re-captures the attention of our website visitors and current contacts as well as targeting local people who may be interested in your home. 

FLINK's audience intelligence optimises the ad in real-time; the result is your property is seen by more of the right people and you get more interest for your home.

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* Source:  FLINK & Spicerhaart group intelligence. Reach, views and average asking price achieved.