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Selling Your Property as a Landlord

Find out what the process would be if you are trying to sell your property with sitting tenants, what you have to do in terms of tenants rights and how to navigate viewings with tenants still living in the property. 

Protecting your tenant's deposit

We take you through everything you need to know about Deposit Protection Schemes and what happens when you need to access this at the end of the tenancy

Calculating and Boosting Rental Yields

Rental yield measures how much potential return or income a rental property can generate each year.  We go through some top tips for boosting your rental yield.

Ending a Tenancy: When it's time to say Goodbye

It’s inevitable that all tenancies must come to an end.

We talk through the reasons for ending a tenancy and legislation that must be followed if you as a landlord need to evict your tenants.  


Tips for Landlords

We go through the things to think about if you are a new landlord, from buy-to-let mortgages to researching the types of properties and knowing your budget.

Minimum Energy Efficency Standards

With new legislation coming into force in 2020 for rented home energy efficiency ratings,  we go through what you will need to do to ensure your property meets the standards and what you can do to improve the energy efficiency rating. 

Buy to Let Guide

Are you a new landlord?  Take a look at our buy to let guide for help and advice. 

The tenant fee ban - what do landlords need to know

With the new legislation in place, we look at what has changed that may affect you as a landlord as well as what charges can and can't be passed on to tenants.