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Selling your house quickly

The selling process for property is, unfortunately, not known for its speed. However, there are ways to make the process speedier if you need to sell up quickly.

This guide is to help you discover some tips and tricks to selling your property as quickly as possible. We’d recommend talking it all through with one of the haart team too, as they have the inside track on your local area and how to get a house sold quickly and for the best price possible. Find your local branch and call us to chat through your options.

The selling process

We have a complete guide to selling a property here, which shows you that it’s usually a 3-4-month process. But this obviously will vary depending on the length of the ‘chain’ you’re involved in. Essentially, if you are selling without the immediate need to buy or move into another property on the chain, it’s simpler. So, if you are selling and moving into rented accommodation, a house at the end of the chain, or selling a second property, you could shorten this process.

Pick the best time to sell

Before you put up a ‘for sale’ sign, spend some time researching the housing market. This doesn’t mean becoming an expert, just some general idea of how quickly property is selling and how much for in your area will help you. Buyers competing for properties will help encourage best offers.

We go over timings in detail in our when is the right time to sell? guide, but here are a few pointers in terms of what you might consider at different times of the year:


  • Traditionally a good time to sell as the market tends to be busy with potential buyers after Christmas and winter
  • Better weather, light, and possible sunshine will make pictures of your property more attractive
  • Gardens will look better with flowering plants etc.


  • Families will be busy with the school holidays, which may delay them if they are buying your property
  • Many people take holidays during the better weather so may not be as available
  • Great weather and better natural light for photos if you’re preparing to sell


  • Traditionally another popular time to sell as weather is still good and there are no major holidays except October half-term
  • Buyers and sellers don't will want to avoid moving over Christmas so will be looking for a swift process where possible


  • Considered to be a tougher time to sell as everyone winds down for the end of the year and prepares for holidays (school and winter breaks)
  • Colder and wetter weather could make it harder to capture your property in its best light, not to mention it’s not the best time for outdoor renovations if you’re planning those
  • Consider waiting until the new year, when people who have spent Christmas at home think about moving on

Of course, it’s not as simple as just checking the seasons, you should also look at the property market in your local housing market as well as at a national level. Are things slowing down or speeding up? You can perform a search on Rightmove as if you were a buyer looking to buy a property like yours, or visit the National Association of Estate Agents to view their monthly report on the market.

Try to avoid selling your home when major works are going on locally, check with your local council to see if there are any proposed or consented developments in the area. Plans, such as new transport and schools are great for selling, but not if you’re trying to do it during their construction.  

If you absolutely must put your home on the market during a quiet period, you may have to readjust your price accordingly. However, there are always options for adding value to your home, no matter the time of year or state of the market.

Tips and tricks for selling property quickly

As the old saying goes: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. While it’s not as drastic as failing to sell, not being ready to move can cost you on time and money. To sell quickly, try any or all of the below tips and tricks:

Instruct a conveyancer early

You can get administrative tasks like drafting a contract and applying for title deeds kicked off. Meanwhile, you can get all your paperwork in order like EPC certificates and any proof of structural changes you’ve made.

Clean and tidy

Get the house in its best possible state for viewings. Fix any minor problems and show it in the best light to help people who see it to imagine living there or using it for their needs. 

Make the most of any viewings

Your home needs to be clearly on the market and given as big an audience as possible if you want to sell it quickly. As well as your agent’s website, social media feeds, and reputable locations like Rightmove and On The Market, consider having a ‘For Sale’ board up outside your property.

Remember that word of mouth can be very powerful; tell your friends, family, and neighbours that your home is up for sale.

Get viewings, not just views will show you how haart uses the latest technology to sell your home, plus give you more advice on viewings and how to maximise their potential.

Find your best potential buyers

Some people are going to be quicker to move than others. Your estate agent should help you to weed out any that aren’t in the right position for you, but you can also ask some questions to ensure this:

  • Are they first-time buyers?
  • If they are already on the property ladder, what’s their status?
  • Have they already sold their home and are chain-free?
  • Have they got their home under offer? Are they looking to buy an additional property?
  • Are they buy-to-let investors?
  • How do they plan to finance the purchase – and is the money in place?
  • Do they have to secure a mortgage?

Keep up the communication

Once you have an offer on the table, the importance of getting it to the point of exchanging contracts is crucial. Until that point, a buyer or seller can pull out of the deal. Keep in regular contact with your solicitor and estate agent to ensure the buyer is still committed to the deal and that things are running smoothly.

Getting the best price for your property

Before making any changes, however, invite an estate agent to value the property. They will be able to give you a guide to what the property is worth now, and how much you could add with renovations or decoration. Use haart’s demand calculator to find out how much interest is in the area.

haart is on a mission to get you moved

haart has plenty of advice for property buyers and sellers, from how much it might cost to sell, to the complete guide to the cost of buying, we have the inside track.

Looking to buy or sell property? haart can market your property using our unique blend of expert staff and technology. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.