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FLINK is our unique marketing technology. It puts your property in front of people no other agent can reach.  That means you get better quality tenants, more rent, faster tenancy agreements and your property won't stand empty.

How FLINK works

We’re the only agent in the UK offering FLINK. 

It creates 40 digital property ads for you, each showcasing your property in a different way. 

The ads are then shared on social media channels, this way we reach thousands of people interested in a property like yours.

FLINK then see's who's clicking on each ad and share it with more individuals like them and adjusts in real time depending on the success of each ad. 

No other technology can tap into those tenants who aren't registered with a lettings agency or searching the property portals 

What FLINK does

FLINK is designed to help you reach more of the people who will fall in love with your home – generating more interest, and getting a better sale price for you.

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How FLINK works

FLINK creates multiple property ads and shares them on social media. When someone responds to an ad, we share it with people like them. We even refine the ads over time.

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Why FLINK is right for you

Whatever size, shape or style your property, FLINK can help you reach more of the buyers who will pay you the right price for it.

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Request valuation today to see what FLINK can do

Like what you see? Let’s get you set up so that we can start telling more of the right people why your property is perfect for them.

Request valuation today to see what FLINK can do