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Keeping you safe while you're selling or looking for you next home

We appreciate that this is a difficult time for anyone wanting to buy or sell their home, but haart’s mission to get you moved hasn’t changed. We are still here, working with you to get things done.  While things are changing day to day, we have two methods for you to be able to buy or sell in these circumstances.   

    • Off Market – for those that want to list without physically meeting with agent
    • Stay Safe – our process for ensuring your safety as well as our agents while undertaking valuations and viewings within the social distancing guidelines.

Off Market

haart can list a house on the property market virtually.  We are also offering accompanied viewings online.

While viewings  can now take place after virtual viewings, you might not want to  physically view the properties on your shortlist or meet with an agent for a valuation. This maybe the case if you are unsure about selling right now, we can do things virtually. 

Find out more about Off Market here

Stay Safe

Now that lockdown has eased allowing Estate Agents to open and conduct valuations and viewings, we have procedures in place for every step of the process to ensure that when we do meet in person, social distancing guidelines are followed. 

Find out more about Stay Safe here

While we are able to conduct valuations and viewings in person, in the first instance we will organise virtual valuations and viewings so here is a little more about what to expect.

What is a virtual valuation?

haart are putting you in control and making listings still possible, even if you cannot physically meet with an agent.

  • After booking your valuation and chatting to your agent we will send you details for our online portal, where you can upload some images and a video to help us with our valuation.
  • Then, on a video call with one of haart’s estate agents, we will give you a value and present our plan to get you moved. We can send all documents and valuation packs online which can then be uploaded to the online portal. 
  • If  you are then happy for us to come to visit your home to ensure we can get some great photos, sort a Quick Sneek Peak for the highlights of your home and a detailed floorplan for listing, we can do so with social distancing in mind at all times. 

If you would rather keep things virtual at this point, with the pictures you uploaded to our online portal, we’ll promote it to viewers who are interested in your type of property. Think of it as your very own ‘through the keyhole’ where you can show off the best parts of your home in pictures and video.

haart has plenty of resources for you to help with getting the best photos and video content – and we are still available to talk to you over the phone or on a video call. We won’t stop supporting our customers.

Our viewings

For our viewings we have three stages - virtual viewings, accompanied viewings and safe viewings in person.  Here is a bit about each stage.

Virtual viewings

The first stage is to take a look at our virtual viewings online which includes our Quick Sneek Peak video and a full walkaround of the property so you can get a feel for the space.

Accompanied viewings

For our accompanied viewings we’ll invite you, the seller, and your buyer to a video call hosted by your haart estate agent.  These viewings allow potential buyers to view your home again but while being able to ask questions as they would on a viewing in-person. 

Why use virtual viewings?

While physical viewings are now allowed, it’s advised we conduct virtual viewings initially while social distancing is still in place, so that those safe viewings that are scheduled in, they are with buyers with a high interest in your property. 

Virtual viewings allow potential buyers to see the property virtually before needing a physical viewing.  Not all agents are offering virtual viewings so they are a great way to put your property at the front of their minds.

What do you need to do to prepare for a virtual viewing?

Get your home ready as if you have a physical viewing taking place. We are happy to provide some practical tips in advance, and we have some very handy pieces for you to read to help you prepare. Viewings of your property will take you through some of the basics, including a video. Be sure to check our Biggest Property Viewing Turn-Offs too, to make sure you avoid the common pitfalls.

Safe Viewings in Person

The final stage in the viewing process are safe viewings of the property.  Following our Stay Safe process, we check that everyone attending is not experiencing any coronavirus symptoms and no-one is isolating in either household.  We ensure the property is well cleaned before the viewing and all doors are opened up to avoid the need to touch surfaces/door handles.  Ideally the seller is not in the property for the viewing and a 2 metre distance is key throughout the appointment.  To find out more about in person viewings click here.

Contact haart for all the support you need

haart are here to help you with this new way of marketing your property. We have the technology to adapt to the new circumstances and we are committed to our mission to get you moved. You can still call us by contacting your local branch by phone, or organise a video call with an agent to start discussing your needs. Request a virtual valuation here.