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Let yourself or choose an agent?

Considering whether to choose a lettings agency to manage your property?

Some landlords have the time and resources to manage their own properties in their portfolio. But for others, it is a real advantage to use a professional Lettings Agency to manage the property for them.

What does a letting agent do for a landlord and why do you need one?

Landlords have numerous responsibilities when it comes to managing a property, that go far beyond simply collecting the rent. As well as day-to-day management issues, such as safety inspections, a trusted set of contractors that can help to fix any issues that arise within the building, lettings agents are also in the best position to advise landlords on the latest legislation that affects them.

Many landlords do not live locally to the properties they let. Having a local letting agent that can respond quickly to anything urgent takes a weight off a landlord’s shoulders.

Here are some of the advantages of property management services:

  • Property management services will co-ordinate all rent collection, giving you piece of mind.
  • Your tenants will benefit from a fully managed property and service should there be any problems that need immediate attention.
  • Day-to-day management issues and emergencies can be handled for you taking the stress and worry off your hands.
  • Businesses looking for accommodation for members of staff will quite often prefer using a property management service.
  • Property inspections and safety checks such as gas safety certificates are taken care of for you.
  • Property management services will have a directory portfolio of local contractors such as plumbers, electricians and builders who will not only give them very competitive prices but will also be trusted and approved.
  • Many property management services will also provide you with legal advice should you need it.

Most letting agents will offer a choice of services, from rent collection only to a full management package, letting a landlord choose which is best for them.  At haart we have three service levels, which you can learn more about here.

Letting a property without an agent – common pitfalls

Choosing to let a property without a letting agent may seem like a good idea, but here are the common things that can happen as a result:

  • Under or overpricing the property  - Neither of these is a good thing as you either put off viable tenants or don’t make as much money as you should. An agent can conduct a full valuation and match the other properties in the area to make sure yours is attractive value wise.
  • Poor presentation -  Letting agents can help you to show your property off in its best light. Taking professional photos and recommending the best way to show off your property’s assets is all part of the expert service an agent provides.
  • Unable to keep track of the property -  Some landlords don’t live locally to the property they are renting which makes it harder to maintain it. A letting agent can provide the landlord and tenant that any problems will be dealt with efficiently and swiftly.
  • Failing to stay on top of legislation that affects their rights and the tenants - Changes made to the rules and regulations of property letting happen frequently. A letting agent can stay on top of these and deal with paperwork and changes to policies quickly, without the need for a landlord to worry that they are not performing their role correctly.

Why choose haart?

We’re on a mission to get your property let.  Here are some of the reasons that mean we let homes smarter, faster and for more. 

Get viewings, not just views.  We have the technology to get your property seen by the right tenants, and the local expertise to get you the best value for your money on renting it out.

Successful property management takes time and training.  Did you know that there are over 150 different pieces of legislation that affect landlords?  We’re here to protect you and your tenants, and will take care of the regulatory side of things for you.  We adhere to rigorous professional standards and are members of key regulatory and professional bodies: 

Association of Residential Lettings (ARLAPropertyMark)


The Property Ombudsman

No let, no fee.  We don’t think you should pay a penny to someone to let your home, unless they actually do.  So we don’t charge you a penny until we have. 

haart can help find tenants quickly, secure the best rents possible and manage the process seamlessly from start to finish. Our lettings guide has a full list of the services we can provide for a landlord. Alternatively, use our handy branch finder to locate the nearest branch to you and pop in for a chat. We’re on a mission to help you get your property let.

Questions for us about letting your property? contact us.



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