Viewings and offers on your property


The most important element of viewings, is to prepare your property thoroughly.

Here are a few tips to assist you:

  1. Make sure the front of the house is presentable and shows that the property is well maintained. 
  2. Presentation is everything, so before each viewing check the property is clean, tidy, well aired and well lit.
  3. Serious potential tenants will want to see every room and may want to look in built-in cupboards, such as under the stairs, to see what storage space is available. It's advisable to make sure they are all neat and tidy. 
  4. Will your lettings agent accompany the viewings?  It is important to agree who will be conducting the viewings - lettings agents are experts and know how to get a property let, saving you time and money.  You can also provide the lettings agent with a key to your property so that they can conduct viewings if you are out or unavailable.
  5. If the weather is cold, it is advisable to put the heating on prior to any viewings so the property is warm and comfortable. 
  6. Does the lettings agent have everything they need for the viewing, including access information and instructions for heating etc?

Should you need any further advice on conducting viewings or what you should do in advance, speak to your lettings agent who can advise you further. 


Receiving offers

A tenant wishing to make an offer needs to do this through the lettings agency you have chosen to let your property.  They can do this verbally (over the phone or in person) or in writing (via post or email).  Any conditions around this offer must also be communicated to the lettings agents. 

You are not obligated to accept a particular offer – you can choose which potential tenant(s) suit you best.  Discuss your options and any particular concerns with the lettings agent.  They are there to help and guide you.


Next Steps?

Read about what happens next in the lettings process once an offer has been accepted and the let has been agreed.   If you'd like to speak to your local haart branch about letting your property, please use our branch finder - we look forward to hearing from you.