Advantages of Renting

The debate over renting vs buying is always being disputed and unfortunately it lacks a clear answer. Whilst many feel as though buying is better than renting, there are some instances that do suggest the opposite. This article aims to explain why renting is advantageous for many of us.


When purchasing a property, you’re usually required to live there for at least a few years. But when renting, you have the option to move around if your situation changes.

No repair bills/maintenance expenses

When renting, all the maintenance and repair costs are the landlord’s responsibility, relieving you of financial stress.

Fixed rental price

Rent prices are guaranteed for the agreed span of time, which means as long as you’re in a fixed term contract, it’s easier to budget your money so you’re aware of how much you need to pay.

No large deposit

Financially speaking, those who rent get the better deal than those buying a house, due to the required size of each deposit.

Lower utility costs

Due to rental properties having a simpler floor plan, renters will encounter lower utility costs – a major money saver.

Cheaper insurance

Insurance that renters need to pay is much cheaper what home owners need to pay – another money saver.

Local property values

Fluctuating property values of different areas affect homeowners in a significant way and renters less so, if at all.

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