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Finding your perfect property

You’ve found a property you would like to view – what next?

Once you have found a property that is of interest to you, it is time to request a viewing.  This can be done by calling or emailing the branch.  Alternatively, you can select the ‘Request a viewing’ on the property details.  Here are a few things to bear in mind when viewing:

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  • When making your way to the viewing and arriving, look around the outside of the property – get a feel for that road and area at that time of day. 
  • Look at the exterior of the property – has it been well maintained?  Is there anything immediately that strikes you that needs work – looking in particular at windows, guttering and what you can see of the roof?
  • Once inside the property, again look closely at the maintenance of it. 
  • How is the property heated and how well insulated does it look?
  • What electrical equipment will you bring with you?  Are there adequate sockets?
  • If you are looking at a furnished property, it is useful to see what furniture will be in the property when you move in.
  • Take a look at the locks for doors and windows – how secure is the property?
  • For flats or for properties where there is sharing of communal areas or gardens, it is important to ask how often the communal areas are cleaned and the grounds maintained.
  • Talking to the existing tenants will help you establish what it is like to live there. 
  • If you are smoker, you will need to check that smoking is permitted in the property. 

If you decide you would like to proceed with a property, there are a few things that are useful to have ready in advance:

  1. Funds for a deposit, reference checks and first month’s rent.
  2. Copies of references from your employer and previous landlords.  You will also need to have your bank details, identification and your full address for the last three years ready as the lettings agent will need this for reference checks.
  3. A guarantor.  

What to discuss with the Lettings Agent before agreeing to rent the property

Some of these may seem quite obvious, but it can be easy to forget the little things when dealing with properties!

  1. The deposit – check with the agent how much the deposit is, when it will need to be paid by and if one month’s rent in advance is required. 
  2. Bills – what is included in the rent?  Maintenance charges?  Ground keeping charges?  Cleaning of communal areas?
  3. When is the rent reviewed and how will you be notified of any changes?
  4. Do you need a guarantor and if so, who do they accept as a guarantor?
  5. Will the tenancy be fixed term and if so, how long will this be?  What happens when the fixed term has ended?
  6. Do you need contents insurance and when should this start from?