We're putting our haart and soul into the Carnival



Colchester haart is proud to be a partner supporting this year’s carnival. We love Colchester – it’s our home town!

We’re part of the UK’s largest independent estate agency Group, which was founded in Colchester 26 years ago.

The community has supported us well over the years, so giving our backing to events in the town that benefit local businesses and people, such as the Colchester Carnival, is really important to us.

From three branches we’ve grown to nearly 137 across England and Wales but this historic town is still our main home – it’s where our head office is located and we now employ more than 300 people on the site.

The Carnival brings a great atmosphere to the town – it is vibrant and gels the community together in a really positive way.

We’re looking forward to seeing the floats, featuring their Heroes and Villains themes, driving by our Head Street and High Street office windows so we’ll be cheering them on.

It’s going to be a great family event and given that many of our customers are families, why wouldn’t we want to get involved as a partner. Go Colchester Go!

Once the spectacle has passed by we’d be delighted to see anyone who is thinking of their next property move.

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