Tips for Upsizing


Whether you’ve got a new job that allows you to buy a bigger home or plan on starting a family, there are a number of key questions to ask yourself when upsizing to a new property.

What are my needs?

The first thing you need to figure out is what your budget will be, along with your expectations in terms of area, number of bathrooms/bedrooms and layout.

Are there any other plans in your future which you need to take into account? Such as the potential of having more children or another person living with you (like a maid or elderly relative).

Researching the local area is also worthwhile; apart from assessing transport options and nearby amenities, those with children should look at the area’s local schools and their Ofsted reports, class sizes and catchment areas.

How do I make use of space?

Take some time to think about how each room will be used when moving into an upsized home. Whilst upsizing is an exciting prospect, you should aim to maximise every inch of space. Those moving into a larger family home should figure out what features they’ll want, such as another bedroom, a playroom, study or a cinema room. This will help you drill down on what you want, as well as keep you focused when choosing what properties to view.

It will also get the whole family on the same page when it comes to deciding how you’ll use the extra space.

How do I choose the right furniture?

More space means more furniture – right? Not necessarily.

Although you’ll have extra space, be careful not to fill it for the sake of filling it. Measure your new home and seek out opinions from home stores on what kinds of furniture would work well in your spaces (depending on its chosen use).

Moving into a larger home could also be an opportunity for you to re-assess your current furniture, only keeping what you love and what would fit well.

Depending on your needs and your budget, consider opting for quality over quantity. A well designed coffee table adds more character and is longer lasting than many cheaper pieces that are just there to fill the space.

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