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Enhanced Photography

The photographs on a property advert are vitally important, they are the first thing that will attract potential tenants to your property.  

All of our staff receive industry leading photography training so that your property stands out from the crowd in the marketplace. 


Our deposit alternative product Flatfair is a great way to increase the appeal of your property. 

Flatfair is a lower upfront cost compared to a traditional deposit and therefore can increase the number of tenants who will be interested in your property. 

Flatfair also gives you twice the level of protection as a traditional security deposit, subject to the same referencing standards. 

Premium Listing

A premium listing on Rightmove gets your property 20% more detailed views than a standard advert.  A premium listing means your property gets a larger advert with bigger pictures, helping it grab more attention on the page. 

Featured Property

Advertising your property as a Featured Property on Rightmove means 3 things:

  • Your property advert is positioned at the top of the search page, making it the first property tenants see
  • It has larger photographs for greater impact
  • The advert appears in a highlighted, more prominent box


Our Enhanced Marketing package includes advertising your property through FLINK our exclusive social media marketing technology.

FLINK exposed your property to a bigger market, better than any other agent can.  It finds both active and passive tenants.  Passive tenants are people who aren't actively looking but would move for the right property.