What’s the best day to move house?

Data gathered by removals comparison website Compare My Move suggests that the most popular day to move house is Friday. But is it really the best day though?

The website says that throughout 2016, Friday was the most popular moving day, with 53,584 moves taking place. The least popular day was Sunday, with 4,284 taking place; this may lead you to believe that Sunday is the best day due to how quiet it is, but with it being at the very end of a working week it might difficult to get everything done within an entire day, before returning to work the next morning (you’d have to take a day or two off work to make it less stressful).

So why Friday?

It’s suggested that Friday is the most popular day for moving due to its position in the week. As it’s the last day before the weekend, Friday allows movers to take advantage of the following Saturday and Sunday in case they don’t complete everything that day, and it also means they only need to take the one day off work.

Friday’s popularity means that some movers may offer special deals, as well as less disruption to the housing chain.

Just remember that if you do intend to move on a Friday, ensure you complete in the morning period as many banks’ deadlines for transferring money is around 3pm.

The downsides

Compare Your Move also mentions about the potential downsides of a Friday move:

The popularity of Fridays can lead to bank money transfer systems overloading, especially on the last Friday of the month. This could potentially leave you homeless over the weekend.

And if anything else were to go wrong, a Friday move would you mean you’d likely have to wait until the Monday to get in touch with your solicitor. Any other weekday means you can sort this the day after. The same goes for tradesmen, who might charge you more for weekend work.

So for a more convenient, less-stressful move it might be worth doing it between Monday-Thursday (provided you’re able to take the time off work).

Moving is always a stressful endeavour, which is why it’s important to stay as organised as you can throughout the process. Check out our moving house checklist for more information on what to do on the day.