Top Interior Design Trends of 2018

Are you looking to refresh your home interior this year? Or just looking for some inspiration? In this article we’ll look at some of the top interior design trends of 2018, courtesy of our friends at, & the Evening Standard.

Rich pigments

Although grey is still the top choice for plenty of interiors, Ideal Home says that colour will be making the headlines this year.

They believe that due to our newfound confidence in sofa colour, we’ll begin to feel braver with our colour choices, particularly with walls and other furniture, due to more recent sofa colours.

There’s also a lot of hype around moody colours; navy, emerald green and brooding violet are all important colours for 2018.

Colour blocks

GoodHomes magazine says to wave goodbye to solid coloured walls and instead look to create shapes with colour blocks. Stencils, ombre walls and other paint effects are rising in popularity this year.

Crown’s provocative trend intends to provoke a reaction in the home, using original and bold uses of colour, to bring a new meaning to Bauhaus.

Judy Smith, Crown’s Colour consultant says: “Provocative is a set of strong colours designed to give maximum impact. This is thinking about colour in bold and unusual ways. It stops you in your tracks.”

Earthy neutrals

According to the Evening Standard, sage is tipped to be the next big trend in neutral colours. Although it’s a little bolder than white, beige and stone, it’s still an approachable colour that can be combined with woods and creamier palettes (the green will soften up most spaces).

Dark woods

Furniture is going dark in 2018, as Ideal Home believes we’re moving away from bleached, pale woods that were a core part of the Scandi trend. This suggests the return of retro glamour this year and rejuvenated modern luxe.

Statement ceilings

This year it’s time to pay attention to the ceiling, according to the Evening Standard. Pinterest searches of ‘statement ceilings’ rose by 310% this year as more and more people are starting to look upwards.

People are keeping their walls the same colour whilst making the ceiling the standout feature of a room, either with wallpaper, tiling or paint.

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