Quick & Effective Ways to Make your Home Smell Better

There are many times when we need some quick, sure fire ways to make our home smell nicer. Keeping it consistently fresh smelling often requires a bit of dedication; however there are times when you might be in need of a quick solution as well.

If you’re frequently inside your house, it’s easy to get used to the obscure smells that strangers can detect straight away. Fortunately, these can be eliminated fairly quickly without needing to spend much money.

Get some air

Open up some doors and windows and bring some fresh air into your home to eliminate the older, mustier air.

This may not the most practical approach on a cold day, but even just a couple minutes can help the rooms smell fresher. If you’re preparing for a visit from some guests, only open the windows in the rooms you know they’ll be in.

Start cooking

Not every food smell is bad, so perhaps try cooking something with a nicer smell which you won’t mind permeating throughout the house?

Avoid heavy, greasier smells like bacon or garlic but instead consider baking some bread, slow cooking some cinnamon sticks or making mulled wine. Baking cookies can also work, as the warm, sweet smell will often dominate all other smells.

Consider synthetic

Another quick and effective way to get rid of any unpleasant smells is to consider introducing more synthetic smells. Air sprays, plug-in scents and even burning candles or incense are fast ways to combat those unwanted smells.

Ensure you’re using the same kind of scents however, or at least those that complement one another at the same time to prevent getting overwhelmed with too much perfume. Just try not to use them whilst cooking, since these smells typically don’t blend well together and can be quite off-putting, especially when sitting down to eat!

Household odour eliminators (such as Febreze) are also able to remove any smells from furniture, carpets and even curtains. If you’re looking to save some money and want to go down the homemade route, just dilute some fabric softener in water and boom – homemade Febreze!

Go natural

Not keen on using artificial air fresheners? Then you could consider these natural ways to make your home smell better instead:

Baking soda: an affordable, natural deodoriser, baking soda can be poured down drains with a warm tap running, placed in the fridge, sprayed on sofas and carpet (before hoovering), and even inside smelly shoes.

Fresh herbs: there isn’t much that beats the fresh aroma of garden herbs, but instead of keeping these in your garden, why not have them inside your home? Place them on the windowsill so they get enough sunlight and better yet, if you have a windowsill in your kitchen they’ll be on hand when cooking!

Many of these are of course quick solutions for those slightly more desperate situations, because sometimes they are required. Do you have any other solutions that we haven’t covered above? Let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!