Preparing Your Home for a Party

Whilst the idea of throwing a party sounds like fun, when it comes to planning, no matter how much preparation or cleaning you do, you’ll always be left with that nagging feeling that you could have done more.

The key for properly preparing your home for a party is decluttering and clearing certain areas. But with that said, even the most experienced host can find cleaning their home for guests an intimidating prospect. However there’s no need to feel intimidated if you have an effective plan in place. Here are our tips on best preparing your home for a party.

Tidy up

The first area you’ll want to clean is the entrance to your home and then gradually work your way into the kitchen, bathrooms and living room. It’s also worth thinking about what other areas your guests may enter and give them a good tidy as well, such as a conservatory or garden. You need to have a ruthless approach when cleaning but also hide anything that may be of sentimental value; you don’t want guests breaking these items! Perhaps create a box of valuable items and store them somewhere safe overnight.

Get some help

Solicit some help from a spouse, family or close friends to clean the house. Assign a room or area to each of your helpers and have them responsible for cleaning and removing anything that doesn’t need to be on display when the party starts.

Casual events

When hosting a casual event, such as a BBQ, consider using casual serving dishes and cutlery. Unless you can borrow them from friends or family, you might have to purchase some foldable chairs to accommodate guests if you’re expecting a decent amount of people. They can be arranged and unarranged with ease and won’t take up much space.

When dealing with spillages/stains

There’s a good chance that, whilst dealing with food and drink, there will be spills and the odd stain that’ll need dealing with. Keep a box of cleaning supplies handy in case these accidents occur.

Add a touch of you

Once your property is clutter-free, you can now go ahead and add some personal touches to let people know that this party is truly yours. Perhaps photos of the family, scented candles or a bouquet of flowers out on display.

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