Making your home feel bigger

No matter what type of property they reside in, many homeowners end up having to compromise on the amount of living space they were originally hoping for. Therefore many of us are continually seeking ways to make our small spaces feel bigger. Here’s what you can do to make your space feel larger:

Opt for light

It isn’t necessarily the size of a particular room that we judge spaciousness from, but more so how our eyes glide through it. Our eyes naturally draw to the light and the amount of open space, so it’s important to make use of both. Here’s what you can try:

Implement at least three light sources: these should be split up into three levels of light; one being a low and indirect source, such as a table lamp, the second being a standing floor lamp, and the third being a ceiling lamp, such as a pendant, which adds both light and depth to a space.

Place dimmers on your lights: this allows you to control the level of light within a room, depending on the time of day and particular occasion.

Clean your windows twice a year: there aren’t many who do this, but this simple task can make a big difference. Clean and shiny windows bring in more natural sunlight and also invite the eye to wander outdoors.

Walls and floors

Sometimes our floors and walls can feel like they are (literally) closing in. Here are some tricks you can try to combat this:

Paint your walls lighter colours: painting your walls with lighter colours will instantly expand any space.

Introduce mirrors: mirrors work wonders for enlarging many spaces, since it brightens the room by multiplying layers of light. Placing a mirror on a wall against a window will double the amount of light that comes through, increasing the sense of space and letting you enjoy the view from more than one area!

Darken your floors: create contrast with your light coloured walls and opt for a darker coloured floor. Dark floors also create a more ‘earthy’ feeling, with your feet disappearing beneath you as you enter a room. It also makes your walls look taller.


Most of us can part with around a quarter to half of our things. Keep what you need of course, but ditch the rest. Other things you can try include:

Create an empty space: not every inch of storage area has to be used for storage; creating an open, empty space will allow for some visual breathing room and make the area seem bigger. Try to keep at least 10% of your space (shelves, table tops etc.) empty to achieve this.

Experiment with long, lean shelving: a long bookshelf that travels all the way up a wall will divert the eye to the ceiling, creating the feeling of a larger space. You could also run a bookshelf horizontally across the wall to make up for wasted space; underneath windows is a popular area to place this.

Choose furniture wisely

Clear out any furniture you never use. Do you have a spare table you never use, or a broken chair sitting in the corner collecting dust? If so dispose of it appropriately. Other things you can do include:

Opt for legs: furniture that’s lifted up off the floor on legs keeps a room visually lighter, so keep this in mind when furniture shopping.

Find dynamic items: look for objects that serve more than one purpose to save on space, examples include a pull out sofa-bed or a trunk-shaped coffee table.

Get a clearer view: to enhance a space even further, opt for glass or acrylic tables instead of wood or plastic, which covers your view of the area and makes it feel smaller.

Will you be making following any of these tricks to make your spaces feel larger? If so let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!