Keeping your home secure over Christmas

Whilst many of us take time off during the Christmas period, thieves however do not. This December take the necessary precautions to not become a victim of crime.

When you’re going away for Christmas

If you’re planning on going away for Christmas, resist the urge to tell absolutely everyone you encounter, as anyone could be listening. Whether you’re shouting to your neighbours across the fence or visiting the newsagents to cancel your paper round, discretion is advised.

Ensure that all your locks are working properly; according to Aviva, 6% of people have never made any security changes to their home even when they needed to. Aviva also says that in 70% of burglaries, the point of entry is the door, and 5% get in using a key – so if you’ve moved into your home recently and haven’t changed the locks, ensure you do so before leaving your property this Christmas.

Think about asking a trusted neighbour to make a daily visit to your home just to make sure everything’s where it should be. Potential thieves will notice that someone is checking in on the house, which will likely dissuade them from trying to break in. Neighbours can also keep an eye on the pipes to make sure they haven’t frozen and no leaks have occurred either. Also just for safe measure if you have a burglar alarm speak with the company that installed it to make sure it’s working properly whilst you’re away.

Worried about your post stacking up? Speak to the Post Office who will keep it safe for you until you return (for a small fee).

Put away anything that might look valuable to a thief, such as gardening/DIY tools, garden furniture and barbecues; then double check it’s all locked away securely.

When you’re staying home for Christmas

The Christmas period is often a time when people can let their guard down; consider installing a chain on your front door and don’t open it for anyone who you’re not expecting, or who acts quite strange.

Live in an area that isn’t well lit? Consider investing in floodlights to help turn away thieves. As mentioned in the last section, you haven’t already, fitting a burglar alarm well before Christmas time is a must. Get one from a trusted company, like Chubb, Banham or Yale. A decent alarm is worth the investment and burglars are able to spot a fake!

When the night draws in, remember to close all blinds and curtains as you don’t want valuables, such as laptops and tablets left on display. Look for weak spots in your windows and doors as well, if you spot any install some dead-bolts along with new window hinges for extra strength.

And last but not least, try and keep your plans off social media! You never know who may be reading your posts and thieves will target your home if they know you won’t be around at specific times and days over the Christmas period or that you’ve received something new and valuable!

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