Home Decorating Myths

For a long time, there have been certain unwritten rules that should be abided by when decorating for the perfect home. But as times change, so do fashions; certain style rules, if you subscribe to them, are now a thing of the past and when done broken correctly, can reinvigorate your home décor.

Small rooms must be a pale neutral/white colour

One popular thought of the past was that white and neutral pale colours brighten up a small room and make them appear larger. Whilst we’re not completely discrediting this, the size of a room has more to do with the furniture and placement rather than wall colour. There are times when one may want to keep a room feeling small; making it a space full of warmth and intimacy. A small space that has a lot of colour, whether it is on the walls, accessories or bedding, will warm up a small area immensely.

Roll with one style

As humans we’re naturally passionate about more than one thing, so there’s no reason why our homes should stick to one single style.

You might be a world traveller, someone who has visited multiple countries and picked up a few things along the way, whether they are souvenirs and artefacts, or a fresh perspective on design. You might live in a new, modern home but have a collection of antiques you’re afraid to display due to the difference in style. By blending or infusing different styles into one, you’ll give your home a more unique and layered design that is a reflection of your personality.

Mixing prints and patterns

There aren’t many better ways than to add colour and texture into your home than incorporating together a selection of patterns. Stripes, florals, plaids and checks can certainly all live together just fine. But it’s important to get it right if you want this to work, so ensure you stick to your preferred colour palette. Patterns go well together as long as the colours do! So stick with your blues and oranges, purple and yellows or black and white.

Matching chairs and tables

We don’t believe that chairs and tables absolutely have to match; you can work together different styles and textures to your dining room chairs, creating a more unique look. Do remember however to stick to a popular colour and make sure the woods are light or dark. If you do mix the two, consider adding seat cushions that are a sole colour or fabric; you want to create texture but not too much otherwise it becomes distracting for the eye.

Each room needs colour

Whilst it may seem logical to add a pop of colour to every room, this doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. You could stick to one colour in various shades, like grey to add texture and contrast. However sticking with one tone would require you to add some additional colour or it could leave your room looking flat and uninspiring.

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