Getting the best wireless connection

If you currently have a slow wireless connection, there are some things that you can do to improve it. Instead of investing in a whole new router, here are some quick and easy actions you can take to speed things up right now!

  1. The first step is to check your broadband speed using a speed checker. Before you run the check, ensure all firewalls and anti-virus software is disabled, and applications like radio and other downloads are closed as well, as these can slow down your speed.
  2. Try and nip any issues in the bud that may be causing interference. Even if your router is within close range, you can still encounter interference that will slow your speed. Interference can occur when nearby routers interrupt your signal, so consider placing the router away from any shared walls you may have. Household appliances like dryers and washing machines can also cause interference, so try and keep the router away from these as well.
  3. To optimise your signal further, check whether the Wi-Fi channel you’re using is being used by other routers. Congested channels can slow down your connection severely, so make sure you’re using one that’s fairly clear.
  4. Similar to software on mobile phones and laptops, your router’s firmware should be updated regularly, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest updates on your router’s website. Keeping your firmware up to date is essential for optimal processing.
  5. If your signal is still struggling to reach you, you could try implementing a booster as an access point or repeater. This relays your existing signal, boosting your router’s strength and range.

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