The Essential Guide For Creating The Perfect Home Office

Working from home can be a great thing, especially if you have a great and effective working area. Here are some tips on making the most of your office space:

Find the right area

Look to select the spot most convenient for work use; the area in question should be somewhere quiet, have enough natural lighting and also spacious enough for you to complete all your work without you feeling cramped.

Separate work and personal life

Because your office is based at your home, your work and personal life will be somewhat tied together; an ideal scenario would be to have an entire room as your office, but if this isn’t possible there are ways to work around this.

Ensure your home office space is kept away from potential distractions, such as gaming consoles and the television and try to keep the space as divided as possible from the rest of the room. You could introduce a physical divider to create a border between your work and living spaces. Keeping both of these separate will have a major and positive impact on your life, helping you avoid crossing these boundaries, increasing your productivity and having fewer distractions. Take some tips from Abigail Ahern on how she manages her work/life balance whilst working from home.

Make it comfortable

Working from home means you’ll be spending a large chunk of your day inside your home office, so you should try and make it an attractive and comfortable space where you enjoy spending time. Aim to keep it simple and organised and perhaps introduce some personality as well, especially since it’s your own space. Why not decorate it with motivational quotes, such as this clean, modern & comfortable office.

Introduce adequate seating and lighting

Office based jobs require plenty of sitting, so good posture is very important. Be sure to follow the basic rules of good posture and ensure you have everything you need to achieve this – a good chair with height adjustment can really help with this, as can ergonomic furniture. Lighting is also an important often forgotten factor. Try and place your desk close to a window for natural light and maybe introduce a desk lamp for the darker hours.

Get organised

Introduce a decent storage system to help keep your area organised. You don’t need to spend a lot or for it to be very big, it should be just right for what you require. Examples of this include shelves, desk trays, hanging boxes and a notice board. Also don’t forget to make the most of the space under your desk where you could store some more drawers as well as larger items such as a scanner and printer. Take a look at how you can make your office a minimalist’s dream, with some tips from Abby Lawson, or at some handmade geometric tidy’s.

Stay tidy

An untidy space is distracting and frustrating, even when we don’t initially realise it. Keep your space tidy so you can concentrate properly and be calm and comfortable.

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