Creating a low maintenance garden


Those who work full time may not always have the time to maintain their own garden, especially during the winter months. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to reap the benefits of a carefully maintained garden and be able to make use of it when they do get time to relax. Here are our tips on creating a low maintenance garden space.

Lawn Edging

Edging a lawn isn’t the most exciting task in the world and can often be quite time consuming, but it is time well spent. A common belief is that installing a plastic or metal edging will ruin the look of a natural garden; this is in fact false, particularly if you mow your lawn regularly, which will help the edges maintain its structure.

Easy maintenance plants

There needn’t be a sacrifice of beauty when planting low maintenance, slow growing plants. Many are even chosen due for how they look or the smell they give off.

Examples of these include Buxus, a slow growing evergreen shrub, Convolvus ‘Cneorum’, a low growing shrub with beautiful white flowers and Viburnum tinus, evergreen foliage with trumpet like flowers.

Cut back on the lawn

Don’t enjoy mowing the lawn? There are other elements you can introduce to your garden that add character and require less maintenance, including:

Patio – Hard landscaping, particularly patios bring a certain beauty through the natural stone with its wide range of textures and its ability to heat up and change colour when exposed to the sun. Patio is practical but you should aim to fit it in with its surroundings, so think carefully and about what kind of patio design you want to incorporate.

Raised garden – If you’re finding it difficult to take good care of your garden and want as little maintenance as possible, a raised sleeper garden might be an option. You just keep the level the same but build up with garden beds in quadrants or along each side of the boundary. You could also create walkways with the beds and have gravel surrounding them. This adds a clean and simple element to your garden.


Decking is a fantastic addition to any low maintenance garden; it allows you to get closer to nature, can be extended to any height and size and is an area which you can relax and enjoy, without needing to mow and weed.

You can choose softwood decking, which gets laid with ridges facing up, but can experience build-up of moss and water, meaning it requires regular cleaning; hardwood does this much less, but it does typically costs more. These points are definitely worth thinking about if you’re on a tight budget.

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