Christmas Decorating Inspiration

There’s not long left until the Christmas season, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to outdo your neighbours and impress family and friends with your amazing decorations and displays. Here’s some inspiration to help get your home ready for the most festive time of the year.

Festive mantelpieces

Lights4Fun suggests giving your mantelpiece a festive glow this year with cluster lighting. Scatter some cluster light garland across your mantelpiece and trail it down the sides to create a beautiful, elegant glow.

Go crazy with plaid

Always a popular pattern for button down shirts and school uniforms, but why not use it as a theme for your decorations this year? Southern Living says not to go overboard with just one pattern but to instead mix and match different plaids of different sizes and colours.

The best and most affordable way to introduce plaid is with gift wrap; wrapping up all your presents and placing them under the tree is an instant ticket to a plaid-filled Christmas. Select a few rolls of various patterned and solid patterned gift wrap in complimentary colours and combine them with mix and matched ribbons to create a varied display of presents.

Contemporary metallics

Fans of metallics can rest easy, as they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. House Beautiful believes that due to the growing trend of rose, gold, copper and bronze in our homes, it will be bigger than ever come the festive season. Aside from the Christmas tree, metallics can be incorporated into table layouts and appliances. These metallic accents combined with a warm flicker will give your house that extra touch of luxury and cosiness this year.

Look further north this Christmas

Nordic Style is bigger than ever and has become one of the biggest interior trends worldwide. Press Loft thinks it will certainly find its way into this year’s Christmas decorating, with a strong focus on softer neutral colours, with heavy textures and bursts of metallic.  

Winter wonder

John Lewis is fully behind the ‘Winter Palace’ theme this year, which can help capture that elusive boutique glamour. Think of sparkling baubles, peacock clips and metallic décor, combined with more traditional features to achieve that level of sophistication and decadence this Christmas. Bright blues and golds should be your main colour focus to reach this level of opulence and elegance.

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