Boosting property value via your garden

With spring and subsequently summer drawing closer, it’s time to begin thinking about the state of your garden and the role it plays in selling your home. If you plan to sell this spring/summer, remember that a well preserved garden can make a big difference with time of completion, as well as the final sale price.

Have a clear up

A fairly obvious point yes, but chances are you won’t find many buyers who are willing to purchase a property with a garden that’s in dire need of a tidy up. Sweep up any stray leaves before viewings and ensure any broken items are out of sight. It’s also worth ensuring any paving and patio areas are in good condition. Remove any weeds and power-wash your garden paths and walls as well.

Trim the lawn

Clearing up the garden area won’t make that much of a difference if your grass isn’t well maintained as well; ensure it is neatly cut so your garden looks as tidy as possible. If you want to go a step further, define your garden edges to give your garden a sleeker, more professional look.

Set the scene

To ensure your home stands out from its competitors, set the scene with some extra styling. Staging your outside space will make it look more lived in; making it easier for buyers to imagine what it will be like living there.

For instance, a garden table with chairs and snacks will make it look like a space perfect for outdoor dining, or display sport and play equipment to sell it to families. 

Brighten things up

Flowers and plants can really help add colour and vigour to any garden. They can be easily implemented and won’t cost much either. You could also add these to the front of your home to make it look imposing and welcoming.

Give it a face-lift

A fresh paintjob will do wonders for any garden fencing and shed. We recommend painting them in a neutral colour, such as white, light grey or brown to appeal to broader tastes. Doing this will make your garden look neater and give off the impression that it’s a well maintained space. Just make sure you do it on a dry day so it doesn’t get ruined by rainfall!

You could also choose to re-do your patio, here’s a great video from Homebase on how to create the perfect patio or terrace.

Will you be following any of these tips for your garden this spring and summer? If so let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!