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What is Partnership?

haart Partnerships are a great way to get some of the freedom, flexibility and rewards that come with being self employed with the added security and benefits of employment.  It’s designed to be the best of both worlds, enabling you to build a strong a successful business but also take a holiday every once in a while without fretting over what’s happening back at home!

What support can I expect?

We have all the marketing, technology and coaching you need to be a success.   With our mobile app, POCKET, everything sync’s seamlessly with your back office support in your local Property Centre.  FLINK is collecting leading for you even when you’re on appointments and when you need to sharpen your skills we have everything you need.

How do I get leads?

You don’t need to worry about leads any more.  With haart Partnerships you get all the benefits of industry leading portal performance, unique social media technology FLINK and fantastic automated canvassing right out of the box.  You can adapt your marketing style to suit you and if you miss a call our Nexus team will make sure you don’t miss the opportunity.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Please leave your details (including phone number) to find out more, any discussions will be confidential. 

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