Three bedroom property in Watnall sold


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Mr & Mrs Porter came to haart estate agents in Hucknall looking to sell their beautiful three-bedroom home in Chilton Drive to be able to downsize to another property. Mr and Mrs Porter explained the unsatisfactory service they had received from other agents which included very few viewings being booked, low offers being made on the property and the asking price being reduced.  Therefore  we understood the importance for our sellers to sell their home for the right price and quickly. We made it a priority to advertise their property by using the most relevant marketing channels in order to attract as many potential buyers as possible.


FLINK had a huge impact on the sale of this property for us. With FLINK, we were able to highlight many of the great features of this property and attract suitable buyers that possibly never would have realised that this fantastic property was on the market.

The property

The property itself was very well presented with an effortlessly modern look throughout the home. The newly refitted kitchen and shower room were beautifully finished. The property also had an impressive conservatory and lounge, which looked ideal for entertaining guests or even having a quiet night in. The spacious garden is perfect for the summer and a great addition to the property making it suitable for families. 

On top of that, the property was located in a superb area close to schools, transport and access to the motorway making it appealing to a variety of buyers. We understood that  key target markets for this property were families and couples looking for a spacious home to settle down in.

How we sold this excellent three bedroom property in Watnall

It was evident that the only way people could see the true potential of this property was through viewings.  We find that with properties such as this, it’s great for the potential buyers to have a quiet setting where they can have the time and space to really look around and explore the property. We wanted the potential buyers to be able to visualise themselves in this stunning home and imagine how they could make the home their own.

To achieve this, we decided to carry out a marketing campaign using our database of daily registered buyers to locate suitable buyers for this property. We used FLINK, our groundbreaking marketing technology that examines data to understand who might be interested in your property and which features appeals to them. We specifically used FLINK to target potential buyers who would be an ideal match for this property. From this, we were able to book viewings with a great set of potential buyers.

Over the short period of time that we had the property on the market, a considerable amount of interest was generated through advertising and utilising FLINK.  As a result, we were able to achieve a sale at £5,000 over the original asking price in just a few weeks.

As our Senior Branch Manager, Aaron Ottewell explains: “This beautiful property was on the market with another agent and simply wasn’t given the justice it needed. By using professional photography and FLINK to advertise the property, we were able to attract a variety of buyers, which ultimately led to the owners achieving more than the asking price. The soon to be new owners are thrilled and cannot wait to be in their new home.”

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