Why isn’t my property selling?

Selling your property isn’t a simple thing; it’s a process that involves time, patience, and the right preparation and advice. There are many reasons why buyers don’t go through with a purchase; here are some reasons why you might be being held back.

First impressions

All buyers create their impressions within moments of seeing a property. Surround the front of yours with newly planted flowers, or even a freshly painted door to create an inviting and charming look. Be sure to maintain weeds, bushes and pathways as well, since these can potentially hurt your chances before they’ve even stepped inside your home.


A property’s price can either be a potential stumbling block or an interest generator; if you overprice your property, you’ll be likely turning buyers away, so be realistic and ensure you complete the right research by comparing properties that are up for sale in surrounding areas. If you price your property lower, you could garner more interest and potentially more offers, enabling you to get the price up to market value.

Do your part

As a seller you play an important part in selling your property, not just the estate agent. Some things you can do to help attract buyers include:

  • Neutral coloured walls
  • Lots of natural light
  • Little clutter
  • Parking space on display (helps them visualise their car, if they have one).


There’s a chance that your location may initially turn off a buyer, but you have a unique chance to convince them otherwise. Factors like local transport links, shopping facilities, schools and nearby towns are all features that you can sell to potential buyers.

Fix up

It’s important to be on top and fix all of the problems throughout your property before it even hits the market, such as leaky taps, broken doorknobs, stained carpets etc. A buyer may get put off if they see anything that’s broken or unfinished. They won’t want to move into a property that needs extra work.


Do you own pets or are you a smoker? These create aromas that are easy to notice. Ensure you get rid of all bad odours before a viewing is scheduled.

All in all you need to do everything you can to ensure buyers are impressed when they visit your home. Is there anything else we’ve missed that you deem important when selling a property? Let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!