Selling your home over Christmas

Your decorations don’t have to work against you when selling your home this Christmas; instead you should work to turn them into a positive. Use it as an opportunity to show potential buyers that your home is the only property where they’ll want to spend their next Christmas. When buying your Christmas decorations this year think about going for a more subtle approach, as opposed to a gaudier and loud look.

Focus on external appeal

Place heavy emphasis kerb appeal this year; brighten up your doorway with lights for evening viewings (avoid coloured or flashing lights, instead go for the simply white to create the perfect entrance). You can also try putting a simple, ornate wreath on the door.

Get a smaller tree

Avoid the large Christmas trees this year and instead opt for a smaller Christmas tree this, which won’t take up as much floor space and can really enlarge a room.

Stick to a single colour theme

Pick one or at most two colours for your decorations and gift wrapping in an effort to keep your decorations consistent and concise; otherwise you may miss out on that elegant, sophisticated look and end up creating a loud, disorganised atmosphere.

Enhance your home with smells

To further enhance the seasonal, homely atmosphere in your home go a step further and introduce some seasonal smells, like scented candles, a real pine tree and even light a fire if you have a fireplace in your home.

Keep Christmas cards on the down low

It may be tempting to display every single Christmas card, but be cautious as this can end up looking messy unorganised and distracting. Stay on the conservative side when displaying Christmas cards.

On the other hand, there’s a good chance that you may not receive any viewings over the Christmas period, but it’s important to remember that those that do make the effort during this time are serious and have motivations, so ensuring your property is in good shape can be of benefit.

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