Selling your home in Autumn

Autumn is upon us, which means it’s time to think about what changes you should make in to prepare for the autumn influx of buyers. The summer months meant sellers placed focus on their outdoor space, but now it’s time to shift your primary focus back inside. Here are our tips on achieving the best look to help sell your home during one of the busiest time of year for property sales.

Tidy up

The first and simplest tip is to have a general tidy up around the house. It will make a big difference and will leave you better off when it comes to photographs and viewings, so put away the sports equipment, toys and blankets.

Clean the carpets

Children and pets may have been going in and out of the house all summer, which will often muddy up your carpets. If it’s looking grubby, invest in a professional carpet clean to eliminate grass and mud stains. If you would rather take care of it yourself, seek a quality carpet cleaner from your local supermarket or DIY store or you could hire one instead.

Shorter days

The night now draws in earlier, so if possible try and arrange all viewings during daylight hours. This means potential buyers will be able to see every single thing your property has to offer.

If this isn’t possible, consider changing the lightbulbs. Newer lightbulbs will give out more light, which in turn will help your viewers appreciate every inch of your home. Consider using natural daylight bulbs in rooms with large windows. To achieve a cosier feel, consider softer gold toned lightbulbs.

Have a think about what kind of atmosphere you want each room to have; do you want your kitchen to feel spacious, or your living room to feel cosy? Select the bulbs for each room appropriately.

The garden

Although the primary focus this time of year should be the inside of your home, your garden is still an important feature that needs to be taken into consideration. If you have an outdoor space, you’re in luck as these are highly-sought after, so it’s time to get whip it into shape.

If you’ve got children who’ve spent most of the summer holidays in the garden, put away (or aside) all their playing equipment such as trampolines, goal posts, sandpit and wendy house. By putting it all aside in one small area you can create two different areas in your garden, one for adults and one for the children. This is to benefit viewers who don’t have kids so they can imagine the garden just for themselves.

Warm up

As autumn progresses, temperatures steadily decrease so make sure your home is warm enough for viewers to be comfortable. Put the radiators on a timer to heat up a room about 30 minutes before a viewing takes place, or switch them on just before they arrive. Also if you have a fireplace, make use of it! Nothing says cosy, warm and autumnal like a roaring fireplace.

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