Finding The Best Tradesmen Online

Whether you’re planning a whole new refurbishment or just simply looking to fix an electrical problem, you’ll always be in need of a quality tradesman. But due to the increasing number of review websites, how do you know which to trust?

There are various UK based websites that can assist you in finding the right tradesmen. These feature feedback that mean they are rated on their previous jobs – informing you further of their service. Here are the main websites to look out for.

CheckaTrade gives you full control; after completing your search for a trader you can request a call back or just email them outright. You use customer reviews to help you best select the tradesmen for your job.

They complete checks on their ID, credit status, qualifications, references and public liability insurance. The website also tries to spot check between 30-40% of feedback received each month.

CheckaTrade’s complaint process requires the trader respond to the complaint within 7 days before it’s published on the website.


All you have to do is post details of the job you need doing and then just sit back and wait for responses. You can then create a shortlist of tradesmen (who pay to obtain your contact details). Once you’ve received quotes, you get to choose based on their profiles and previous reviews.

The tradesmen’s references are checked at the start but that’s all. All reviews are verified by the website as true and bad reviews are never removed.

When it comes to complaints, Mybuilder advises you work with the tradesmen directly to avoid potential problems. If this doesn’t work, they’ll direct you to your contract (should you have one), the tradesman’s Trade Association or independent mediation.




Plentific allows you to complete searches for tradesmen based on your postcode and job details. You can then either make contact with the tradesmen or instead post the job and wait for them to come to you.

If you choose to post the job, the website’s concierges handle the process personally, obtaining quotes and assisting you in finding the right tradesman.

Each of which has their own Plentific profile detailing information about their business, as well as customer reviews. You can access these (for free) to help compare your options.

Verified tradesmen on Plentific are checked for public liability insurance, ID, proof of address, VAT number and Company House registration.

Should a dispute arise, Plentific will become a mediator between you and the tradesmen, suggesting both parties come to a solution that suits both parties. And if anything goes wrong when you’ve used a verified Plentific tradesman (through the website) you’ll be covered by their guarantee. If a settlement can’t be reached, Plentific will assign another professional to work with you pay them to fix the problem – to the value of the original job or £1,000 – whichever is less.


Similar to, all you need to do is post details of the job and wait for tradesmen to respond, who pay the website for the opportunity to provide a quote to you. You’ll then be provided with a shortlist where you can choose your preferred tradesman based on their respective quotes and reviews.

The website completes checks on tradesmen’s ID, credit status, accounts, public liability insurance and qualifications. However do note that they surrender responsibility of what the tradesmen say and do advise authenticating their credentials before enlisting them to work.

Should you wish to complain, Ratedpeople will suspend tradesmen whilst they investigate the matter and remove them altogether if necessary. These investigations usually take 5-10 days.



Generally, you are able to trust these online tradesmen review sites. Tradesmen with lots of reviews provide you with a better idea of what they are like and the level of service they can provide. Just remember that these websites are funded by the tradesmen they are featuring. We advise doing your best in getting everything out of your tradesmen, including as accurate as a quote as you can get and what they can offer to the job you need completing.  

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