Buying in a good school area

As a parent you’ll be eager to research the best areas to buy in which have great local schools, be sure to consider our points below to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Give yourself enough time so you can enrol your child at the local school; you don’t want to buy your dream home and then realise it’s too late for them to enrol and end up sending them to a school further away.
  2. Property prices are typically higher in areas with good local state schools, whilst it can be off-putting at first; instead think of it as a worthy investment.
  3. Locate areas with both good primary and secondary schools, instead of prioritising one over the other – unless all your kids have left primary school!
  4. Don’t place too much importance on the latest league tables – instead look for schools who have achieved consistently over a long period of time.
  5. Meet with the head teachers – by speaking to them you’ll get a better feel of what the schools are about and what you can expect if you send your children there.
  6. Research local transport links and logistics. Does the area suffer major grid lock every day?
  7. Can your child walk to school for much of their time living there? If they can that’s a huge benefit.
  8. Consider areas with a range of quality schools, instead of an area with just one fantastic school. Having more than one option means you’re not putting all your eggs into one basket.

Do you have any other tips for buying in a good school area? Let us on know on Twitter @haart_uk