Benefits of Building a Driveway

No matter what your reason is for building a driveway, it can end up proving to be a wise investment; its benefits go further than just being a space to park your car every day.

Here’s why driveways are gaining popularity amongst homeowners and how your property can benefit from one.

Lowers car insurance costs

Keeping your car on a driveway is typically cheaper than parking it in a garage or on a road. It’s tempting to inform the insurance company that you always park your car on a driveway when it’s actually parked on the road, but you do run the risk of invalidating the insurance. Insurers sometimes even check for themselves on Google Street View.

Sheer convenience

A fresh, spacious driveway makes a huge difference to those who live busy and sometimes stressful lives.

Due to the improved materials and products of today, driveways only require minimal maintenance to be kept in good condition. Not to mention the added convenience with it being so close to the house, making tasks like carrying shopping in a lot easier.

Increased value and looks

According to Virgin Money, adding a driveway can increase the value of a home from 5-10%. It also improves the aesthetic of a house, particularly because it’s the very first thing buyers will notice when they turn up to your property. But if you’re worried about a driveway not matching the style of your home, don’t be; there’s a wide range of colours, textures and materials available to create a driveway that best complements your home. So keep this in mind if you’re looking for something that creates a great first impression for visitors.

Lowers the risk of your car getting stolen

Keeping your car on a driveway will deter potential thieves because it means they’d have to come nearer to your property. Cars that are parked on the road however are more susceptible, because in many cases they aren’t in direct view of the owner and are often to see at night.

For a more secure driveway, consider implementing safer measures of protection, like installing motion detector lighting or even a security gate. Taking these extra measures will give you a greater peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep your car safe.

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