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The Property Market and Local Lockdowns

With the current coronavirus outbreak, and many changes over the last few months many buyers, sellers and renters are naturally uncertain about how to move forward in the current property market.  With local lockdowns now occurring in some parts of the country, we go through what is possible in these areas when the local lockdowns are imposed.  

If you are uncertain about anything, get in touch with your local branch, their office may not be able to open but they are working from home and happy to help.  

What are local lockdowns and how have things changed?

Local lockdowns are taking place for areas of the country that have had a higher than average infection rate and the government is locking down that town/city to avoid the infection rate spreading further.  In these areas, it is advised that non-essential shops remain closed and people stay home as much as possible.  Travel to and from this location is not advised unless essential.  

Do Estate Agents have to close in these circumstances?

As a non-essential service, branches are not allowed to open.  Here at haart, our staff members can continue to work from home so please get in contact if you have any queries we can help with. 

What will happen to my house that is on the market?

Your house will still be on the market and we can arrange virtual viewings for your property.  We may have also been able to complete video tours prior to the local lockdown which we can circulate to potential buyers on request. 

What does that mean for valuations?

If you are keen to get a property valuation, we offer these virtually as well.  We also have our online portal that allows for photos and documents to be uploaded to make the process easier.  Then we can launch your property to the market virtually or can wait until the lockdown eases.  

Can I view a property that I am looking to buy?

As travel unless essential is not permitted in a local lockdown, we can arrange virtual viewings for you hosted by us, the agent with the seller of the property.  This is a great way to view the property when physical viewings are not allowed.  


If you are in the middle of trying to buy, rent or sell your property, contact haart for all the support you need. We’re still on a mission to get you moved, and all our estate agents are committed to helping you. Contact your local branch by phone, or arrange a video call with one of our agents.  You can book a virtual valuation with us here.