Winter Home Inspiration

Winter is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about updating some of your home’s accessories and features to match the earlier, colder and darker nights to come.

It’s typically a period for cosy living, snuggling up under a blanket after a long day at work, switching on the television and sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.

Throughout the spring and summer months, you’ll be searching for ways to make your home feel lighter, spacious and fresher. But over winter, the desired style is typically a cosier one, which you might find in a small country pub on a December evening.

To achieve this style, consider following some of our tips below:

Warm tones

To achieve a sense of warmth in your home, choose colours that remind of you of warmer areas of the world; it could be yellows that evoke golden sandy beaches or the browny-red burnt ceramics of Europe’s most historical cities. Warmer tones are just the thing your home needs this winter.

If you aren’t keen on making larger changes like repainting walls or introducing new furniture, you can add the colours through table-top plants, throws, sofa cushions or blankets.

Cosy rugs

Rugs with a higher density of fibres are better for the winter months as they can help retain heat in your home. A thick wool rug goes a long way in creating a warm, cosy atmosphere and also acts as a focal point for a room – similar to a wood burning fire.

Blankets / throws

A quick and easy way to introduce some warmth into your home this winter is by adding some throws and blankets. You may already have a few blankets scattered around the house that might need upgrading.

The biggest benefit of a good blanket is that it won’t ever lose its softness and it can be used over the warmer months for outdoor picnics.

All of the lights

As the dark nights draw in, focus on implementing the right lighting to create a cosier atmosphere. To achieve this you should focus on each layer of lighting and the purpose each one serves.

Ambient lighting is your primary source of light, which brightens the entire room when switched on, coming in the form of a pendant or ceiling light.

Mood and task lighting’s purposes are to achieve the desired atmosphere. Mood lighting adds depth to a room, along with some extra personality and charm, which could act as a carefully positioned wall light which draws attention to particular features.

Task lighting usually comes through the form of a table or floor lamp, which is handy when you want to settle in somewhere quiet and dive into a nice book!


There aren’t many better elements that create a sense of warmth than scented candles. They create a unique flickering ambience, boost the mood lighting and emit pleasant scents.

Warm up

Keep your home warm over the colder months and implement blinds and thicker curtains on your windows. Both can also be used to add an extra dash of colour in your home, as well as shield your home from unwanted sunlight when you want to create that perfect ambience.

Are you going to be doing or adding anything else to your home for the upcoming winter? Let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!