Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Are you looking for ideas that will revitalise your kitchen but won’t break the bank? If your kitchen is looking outdated, you don’t have to shell out a fortune to give it a new, fresh look. Whether you’ve lived there for many years or have just moved in, here are some simple ways to refresh your kitchen.

New lighting

Pendants and chandeliers are perfect for brightening up your kitchen and improving its overall mood. The lights that come with most properties are quite standard, but by mixing it up with other kinds of lighting you can give your home more personality and character.

Fresh colours       

Lighter colours are great for walls and cabinets, because apart from making a space look larger, they also make it look and feel more upmarket.

They also reflect light which means they are better able to hide bumps and scratches that might have accrued on your walls and cabinets over the years. 

New cabinet doors

If you can’t hide the bumps and scratches on your cabinets, you could look into refurbishing them, or just buy new ones, in an effort to make your kitchen look more pristine.

You could go a step further and invest in glass doors to add an extra layer of style to your kitchen. Or just scrap the doors completely and implement an open shelving system.


Pieces of art can instantly improve any kitchen. If possible, opt for larger pieces as these can create the illusion of a larger space. This is also a nice option for renters that don’t have the chance to change much in their space.

Update/add window treatments

If your windows are looking a bit bare, add some window treatments to give your kitchen a splash of colour and texture.

If you already have window treatments but think they may be starting to look outdated, refresh them with one of these 2018’s window treatment trends.  

Discover the value of stainless steel

Can’t afford stainless steel products? There’s a way around it; stainless steel paint can be used on those appliances that are making your kitchen feel dated. Just ensure you buy the right kind of paint, as companies make different types of it depending on the appliance.


Kitchen clutter can really bring down a space, so (if possible) try hiding them away and only take them out when you need to use them. Examples include objects like kettles and toasters.