Preventing Rural Crime

A survey conducted by the National Rural Crime Network of over 17,000 people living and working in rural areas in both England and Wales suggest the true cost of crime in the countryside could exceed £800m. So if you’re currently a farmer and/or landowner, it’s important to be aware of the measures you can take to prevent yourself becoming a victim of rural crime. Here are some ways to help discourage potential thieves and general vandalism:

Blocking gateways

By blocking your gateways, you can make vehicle access to fields and woodland as hard as possible, further deterring both poaching and fly-tipping. During post-harvest your bale stacks may be in clear view, so look into installing barriers to turn away arsonists. It may also be worth ensuring the stacks have enough space between them, so if the worst happens and one sets alight, others won’t follow.


It’s a simple measure, sure, but a quality padlock on gates to fields where your livestock graze can be an effective deterrent, especially when combined with kind help from neighbours, who can keep an occasional eye out for suspicious activity. Livestock trailers are also popular with thieves, since they’re often left unlocked and in sight – a simple lock or clamp should help deter them away. Also ensure all buildings, vehicles, tractors and tool boxes are locked as well.

Tracking devices

Farm machinery is expensive to both purchase and maintain, therefore it’s worth taking the necessary precautions to protect your large investments. Consider fitting the machinery with tracking devices, so if the worst occurs there is a better chance of finding the stolen machinery. Make sure machinery is security marked and that telehandlers and tractors have immobilisers installed. All these measures can also help with insurance premiums.


Another effective measure you can take is installing security lighting with motion sensors in both farm yards and outside of buildings. CCTV is also a good idea because if you do become a victim of crime, the footage that is captured can be of use to the police in solving it.

By taking the necessary and effective measures, you will further improve the security of your property and deter thieves and vandals. Will you be following any of the above? Let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!