Interior trends for winter 2016

Winter will be here before you know it, so now is the best time to consider sprucing up your home in preparation for the new season ahead. Here are haart’s interior design trends for this winter season!


Wood adds a warming effect in the colder months whilst also acting as a natural insulator. Wooden panels and flooring makes the biggest impact, but a simpler solution would be to add a rustic wood side table, or a wooden art piece to hang on the wall; even just a basket with cut fire logs can create a homely and rustic atmosphere.


Soft textiles

Cosy accessories are the ultimate winter interior trend. Cotton quilts, flannel sheets and knitted accessories, like knitted poufs and chunky cable-knits will help achieve the visual feeling of warmth and comfort this winter.



Shorter days mean looking for ways to add more light into your space. Candles work because of their relaxing glow and festive feel. Copper string lights to wrap around a vase or tree plants can give off an attractive glimmer as well. Combine it with colour and texture to achieve this warm winter trend.


Dark blues

Look out for darker, richer shades of blue this winter, such as midnight blue, indigo, ink and royal blue. Despite it being a cooler colour, deep blue’s give off a vibe of sophistication that combines well with wooden features. You could also mix it with Christmas decorations this festive season.



The nostalgia associated with winter family gatherings and celebrations mean there will always be a demand for familiarity. Think a comfy rocking chair, heavy curtains and embroidered accent pillows.


By introducing some of these trends this winter you’ll help create a stylish and seasonal-looking home that will create that sense of warmth and ambience. Will you be implementing any of these trends? Talk to us on Twitter @haart_uk!