Installing a Tennis Court

Have the summer’s major tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon inspired you to install a tennis court? If so here are some things to know before you proceed:

  • Tennis courts certainly add value to a property, how much however is difficult to figure out. Nonetheless, tennis courts are very popular, more so than swimming pools due to tennis courts having other uses and also being lower maintenance.
  • Green is the popular colour choice for fencing, but black may be a better option as it blends into the surroundings much better.
  • Both grass and clay have their pros and cons; clay will require less general maintenance and won’t require rest periods like grass does. A clay surface only needs to be replaced every five or so years as well.
  • Planning consent won’t be required, unless it is outside of the gardens of the house. It will however be needed for the surrounding fencing as this generally exceeds 6ft in height. It will also be required if you’re building a court within the limits of a listed building. It’s imperative that you seek professional advice on this before proceeding.
  • To get the most out of a tennis court, it might be worth installing floodlights as well so you can play during the darker hours – especially if you intend to play during the winter months when the days are shorter.

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