Colour Psychology in the Home

Colour is often the best way to show off personality and make a statement in your home, but it’s also a useful tool when you want to create space illusions, moods and different styles.

This is coined colour psychology, something that can be used to influence feelings and evoke emotions within a home. It can be a daunting prospect for beginners to grasp, but when executed well it can have lasting effects on visitors and residents.

Where to start?

Before you dive in and start selecting colours, you need to decide what kind of mood you want to create. Once decided, you can then move on to choosing colours and shades.

Just remember not to go overboard with so many different colours in one space – we recommend no more than four. Too many colours make a room look and feel too busy, but too little colours make it look a little bland and boring.

Colours fall into three categories; active, neutral and passive; lighter shades are seen as room expanders and space boosters but darker shades give off feelings of warmth and intimacy.


Red is a fierce colour that promotes adrenaline and energy. It encourages conversation, making it ideal for dining rooms and living rooms and is also great for creating a good first impression.


Blue is serene and relaxing that’s normally reserved for spaces where you want to feel calm, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Just take care in selecting the right shade of blue; a lighter shade of blue (such as pastel) can often feel too cold, especially in a room that draws in plenty of natural light. We suggest pairing lighter blues with warmer colours for contrast.

Soft, mid-blues work well for just about any room as they promote relaxation, so think lounge, bedroom or bathroom. Dark blues, such as navy can give off feelings of sadness so avoid having this as the primary colour in a room, but instead use it to create contrast.


Yellow immediately evokes feelings of happiness and glee, so those seeking a colour that reinvigorates and uplifts should really consider this one. It works great in small spaces and entries, like hallways and landings and it also expands a room, making it feel more welcoming.

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in reinventing and refreshing a home. With every colour comes a particular feeling so choose wisely when selecting your colour palette for your next paintjob.