Best Summer Scents for the Home

There aren’t many individuals who dislike home fragrances; candles are particularly popular during the winter months, but when summer comes you’ll want to opt for something lighter and less wintry. Whatever fragrance your nose is drawn to, you benefit from the great range of choices out there. Below are just a few of our favourites.

Molton Brown Pink Pepperpod Home & Linen Mist (£24.00)

This is a classic fragrance that creates a warm and sharp ambience in the home and is now available in a home and linen mist, which is lighter than a candle for the summer months. It’s a great fragrance for those who don’t enjoy florals.

Jo Malone London Green Tomato Leaf Home Candle (£44.00)

If you’re a candle fanatic who prefers them in the house year-round, consider this one from Jo Malone, which offers the beautiful clean and fresh scent of green tomato leaf.

NEOM Feel Refreshed Reed Diffuser (£20.00)

Now here’s a fragrance designed to reawaken both your mind and body. This diffuser gives you sun-baked lemons and freshly cut basil to bring summer into your home.

Max Benjamin Coffee and Tea Diffusers (£16.00)

Those who appreciate a good cup of tea or coffee will love these fragrances from Max Benjamin. They offer a good range, which includes Assam and Lemon, Lime and Lavender, Rooibos, Serene Jasmine and Victorian Earl Grey.

Ashleigh Burwood Fresh Linen Diffusers (£14.50)

This diffuser from Ashleigh Burwood is exceptionally light, airy and clean. It’s uplifting, evoking the scent of fresh white sheets bouncing in a light breeze. Notes of lavender, aloe, citrus and frangipani are also evident.

The White Company Summer Diffuser (£27.00)

The name says it all; this diffuser is like a breath of fresh, salty sea air on an English Cliffside, evoking notes of vetivert and eucalyptus. It’s a fragrance that adds plenty of character to any home.

Will you be introducing any of these fragrances to your home this summer? Let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!