Benefits of using solar energy

Solar energy is a form of energy that comes from the sun and gets converted into electricity or heat. It’s free to use and can be harnessed quite easily due to modern, state-of-the-art technology.

Here are the benefits to using this form of renewable energy.

Cheaper energy bill

Since you’re creating your own energy you’ll be relying less on your utility supplier, translating into monthly savings on your energy bill. And any extra energy that you don’t use can be sold back to the grid.

Environmental impact

Solar energy is great for the environment – in fact it’s ranked last in environmental impacts. It doesn’t pollute the water, nor does it produce greenhouse gases. It requires little resource for its maintenance, just some water – unlike nuclear plants that need at least 20 times more water.

It’s also noise-free, which is another major benefit, particularly because many of these installations are in built-up areas.

Anywhere, anytime

Solar energy can be deployed anywhere, provided there’s sunshine. It’s ideal for properties in remote areas that have little to no access to electricity. Countless areas around the world are without electricity, so this is a viable option that improves the lives of many.

Meeting power demands

Energy demands are usually higher between 11am – 4pm, along with early evening hours. This is where both the price and production of electricity hits its peak – whatever electricity is created holds a higher value than at night. 

Lost electricity

At the moment, between 3-5% of energy is lost during the journey between its source and destination. Though this may not seem high, the loss can affect the performance of the installation in areas with a high population. Therefore having the panels on the roof or in the garden will greatly reduce the distance it takes to travel, increasing the efficiency of the electrical system.

Enhanced grid security

The grid will be more susceptible to blackouts if there are too many power plants spread about. A grid with a high infiltration of solar energy has many energy production centres widely spread out. Security is therefore improved in the grid in the case of an overload, or natural or human-caused disasters.

Job boosts

The costs involved with the installation of these solar panels contribute to the job market. Using these solar energy systems helps the economy, both nationally and locally.