Become More Environmentally Friendly

There are many of us who would like to do more to conserve and protect the environment but aren’t sure where to start. Learning to be more environmentally friendly isn’t as hard as you might think. Don’t feel pressured into making drastic changes right away; instead you can start small with making the changes so they become more of a personal habit.

Be mindful of resources

Firstly you need to be aware of the resources that you use on a daily basis. Take a look at how you choose to travel, use water, heat and use products. By becoming more mindful about what you use, you can then start making environmentally friendly choices.

Save water

Water should be conserved as much as possible since lots of energy is already being put into pumping water from rivers and lakes into your home. By conserving more water you’ll reduce the amount of energy required to filter it. Some ways to help conserve water includes:

Plant trees

Trees provide oxygen, fruit, cleaner air and shelter for wildlife, so their importance cannot be understated. A shadier landscape around your property can help you reduce consumption of energy and keep your home cooler during the hotter days of summer. Plant small trees around your home and don’t cut them unless it’s necessary.

Travel differently

Your travel habits are another area to examine when trying to reduce your carbon footprint. Choose methods of travel which are more fuel efficient and take more direct routes to save on fuel. If your workplace is located close to home, you could consider cycling to work?


Composting is simply taking the remains of plants and kitchen waste and transforming it into nutrient rich food for your plants. Not only does this help your plants grow, but it also helps reduce the amount of garbage that gets directed to landfills, which pollutes the air further.

Buy local

Another simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is to buy locally grown products. Shopping locally instead of buying products further away mean you’re supporting local dairies and farms. You could also follow organic farming practices and try growing your own food in your garden to save some money.

Inspire others

Educate and inspire others about why it’s important to live an environmentally friendly life. Word of mouth is a strong influence and if more people can start to share its importance to one another, the stronger we’ll be in providing protection for our planet.

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