Apps for Budgeting and Saving Money

Saving money is and should always be a priority, no matter who you are. And fortunately you can obtain this knowhow right from your fingertips.

But with the mass amounts of mobile apps that are available these days, how do you sift through them all and find the best ones?

Consumer choice website Which? has put together a list of useful tools worth looking at to save some extra cash and budget efficiently.

Apps for money-saving

PriceSpy | Free | iOS & Android

This app is perfect for comparing prices of products whilst out and about. Just scan the barcode and you’ll find out whether you’d save money buying elsewhere. Because why buy it there and then if you can get it cheaper elsewhere?

Splitwise | Free | iOS & Android

This app aims to make sharing expenses between individuals and groups much simpler. It’s great for those times when you’re out to dinner with a group of friends and someone picks up the entire bill. This gets tracked and at the end of the week or month, it calculates who still owes what and sends people a gentle nudge if they have any payments outstanding.

Vouchercodes | Free | iOS & Android

Vouchercodes has thousands of money-off codes and discount deals that can be used at many national and local shops and restaurants. These deals and codes are always being updated so you can quickly check whilst out and about.

Apps for budgeting

Squirrel | £3.99 | iOS & Android

This budgeting app will help those who find it difficult making their money last until payday. It divides your bills and spending money to provide you clearer goals with saving and budgeting. The app will release money for bills when they’re due and provide you with spending money every week so you don’t run out by month’s end.

Money Dashboard | Free | iOS & Android

This app lets you monitor what’s happening in your current accounts, credit cards and savings accounts – all in one place. It helps you keep track of where you’re spending your money, as well as plan and budget for the future with saving goals. The app also uses the same industry-standard security as most banks, so don’t worry about leaving your money in an unsecure place.