Three bedroom home in Shirehampton sold



Jenny and Adam came to haart estate agent to sell their Shirehampton home.  Their three bed semi-detached house didn’t hang around long. After the heavily subscribed Open House event, the young couple received an offer they were happy with within just 48 hours! 

“We were absolutely delighted with the amount of viewings we had on the property and the buzz it created around the property.”

Their property on St Mary’s Walk is ideal for a young family looking to move up the property ladder, with it being located in a quiet location and near a school with a ‘good’ OFSTED rating.  Using haart’s innovative social media tool FLINK, the property was exposed to a further 11,121 potential buyers.  Nearly 2,000 of those buyers were interested on first glance and chose to find out more about the family friendly property.  The online activity accumulated to almost 24 hours-worth of flicking through photos, floorplans and more information on Jenny and Adam’s property.

By creating a variety of different ads, highlighting different features of the property, FLINK was able to generate interest from a much higher number of people than a standard Facebook ad campaign.  Each ad was focussed on a different reason why someone might love this to be their next home.  66% of the UK’s home owners are not actively looking to move house, but would consider it if they were presented with the right property. These are the buyers only FLINK can consistently reach.

FLINK sustained the online activity on the property right up until the point of the Open House, providing over 250 daily views of the property page on the haart website.  Using FLINK’s unique technology, Jenny and Adam managed to target people who were most likely to want to buy a home like theirs, therefore a third of potential buyers who viewed the property were under the age of 35.

By choosing haart, and using FLINK, Jenny and Adam created a far larger market for their home, enabling them to secure a sale price they were happy with, in a timeframe that allowed them to move onto their next home.

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