Three bedroom property in Ilkeston sold




In just 3 days, Anna and Matt’s 3 bed semi-detached house in Ilkeston was advertised to nearly 9,000 potential buyers via FLINK, haart’s unique social media tool. In that short space of time, and beyond any of their expectations, the house was sold.

“It was on Rightmove on Thursday and by Saturday we had two offers”

The property proved it’s an ideal family home; 72% of viewers were between the ages 25-54.  The added FLINK advertising increased demand and enabled haart to command a higher sale price than Anna and Matt had been expecting.

 “Our house went on the market at £155k and we achieved £160k, we were really pleased with the outcome”

The property certainly captured the imagination of those who saw it on social media, with 25 likes, shares and comments helping to expand the overall reach the property had exponentially. 

FLINK works by creating up to 72 different ads for a property to ensure it’s promoting it in ways that may attract different potential buyers.  Anna and Matt’s family garden was a popular feature of the house, with 53% of views being driven through adverts featuring an image of their outdoor space.

FLINK, combined with the rest of haart’s market leading marketing strategy, helped Anna and Matt maximise the value of their home and streamline the process for a pain free property selling experience.


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