Ealing haart Lettings scores success at the 2017 Spicerhaart Annual Conference


13b. Mo Ali (Vikash Gandhi).jpg

Ealing haart Lettings is delighted after taking home an award at the 2017 Spicerhaart Annual Conference. In front of nearly 700 of their peers, the branch in Ealing took home a Top on Profit award at the Conference’s awards ceremony, held at Five Lakes Golf Club in Colchester.

Branch Manager Mohsen Ali commented: “When it got announced that I won the award, I was so proud of my achievement in my first year of management. I started off as a trainee negotiator in 2014 October and never looked back. With multiple promotions and getting a seat on the plane to Bangkok in 2015 I thought nothing would exceed that. However to win this award in front of the whole of Spicerhaart and to finish in 2nd place, this is the biggest achievement in my career so far.”

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