Spring Property Maintenance Tips

With the days getting longer and spring finally arriving, it’s time to begin spring cleaning your home to get it ready for the summer months. Whether it’s a boggy garden or missing roof tiles, you may have seen winter take a toll on your property.

Here are our top tips for getting your property in ship shape for the months ahead.

Spruce up your garden

Although it’s advised that to stay on top of your garden year-round, spring is the ideal time to get your garden back to its best with a good tidy up.

It could be reseeding certain areas of grassland, addressing overgrown branches (that are at risk of falling) or just getting rid of weeds.

Check trimmings and door seals

Trims on your windows and doors may have suffered damage by showers, before possibly being hardened and cracked from due to exposure from ice and snow.

Review the guttering

Check whether your gutters are loose or leaky in preparation for spring showers. Failing to clear your gutters puts your property at risk of water damage, which is an expensive fix.

Inspect the patio/concrete

Broken or heavily cracked concrete poses health and safety and drainage risks. Ensure these are filled carefully with concrete to help protect them from water damage and keep them smoothed over.

Replace smoke/CO detector batteries

This can be easy to forget, but it is a potentially lifesaving action!

Don’t completely switch off radiators

This may seem odd, but keep in mind that turning off your heating whilst it’s empty could lead to damp issues in your property.

Clean your appliances

Be sure to check the vents of tumble dryers and washing machines as these can collect build-up of dust and particles of fabric. Don’t forget to wash the fridge coils and washing machine fill hoses as well.

Carrying out these checks now will help you identify and fix any issues before they get worse. Are there any checks that we’ve missed? Let us know on Twitter @haart_uk!