Signs that you’ve found the right home

When searching for a new property, no matter if it’s the first or the sixth, the market can seem quite daunting. You’ll view lots of properties that won’t be anything near what you wanted, which means you may feel the need to compromise on your list of ‘must haves’ in order to secure a property in your desired area. But eventually you will find that one property that fits all your needs and wants; but how will you know?

Imperfections can be overlooked

Every property has imperfections, a fact we’re all aware of. However if you’re noticing imperfections in a property that you absolutely love and are turning them into opportunities, you may like it more than you think.

We’re all aware of our likes and dislikes, but if you’re always turning down properties because of small imperfections, chances are you never really liked the property to begin with. Remember that there are some changes that can be made, but others that can’t, like the location. Think of things you need as well as what can be changed and go from there.

You’re actively convincing yourself to buy it

If you have visited various properties that don’t have the ‘wow’ factor, you won’t be too bothered about convincing yourself to buy it. If you’ve visited a property that you’re impressed with and are convincing yourself to buy it, this is usually a positive sign. Whilst consulting with friends and family, you may be subconsciously convincing them to give you the advice you want to hear, which will make it even more obvious what you really want.

You’re comparing other properties to it

As your property search progresses, many homes that you’ve already viewed can fade away into the back of your mind. You may have viewed between 10-20 homes, making your brain become a jumble of figures and measurements, therefore attempting to remember the small details can be a pain in the rear.

If you come across a property that raises the bar, more than any other property, you’ll automatically begin to compare other properties to it. When you start comparing other properties to it on a regular basis, even when unnecessary, it may be time to consider placing an official bid!

You don’t want to leave!

Have you ever went to view a property and wanted to leave right away? It’s not that uncommon, viewing properties in an area that we didn’t originally ask to look in or one that you can tell straight away doesn’t fit your needs. 

But when you view a home that you don’t want to leave, this is another positive sign. Do you find yourself struggling to get back into the car and leave? If yes then it may be time to place that bid, as you’ll struggle to find one better!

You can see yourself living there

It’s not easy seeing yourself in a property that’s rundown, empty or not full of your own things. But if you’re unable to see yourself laying out rooms, such as the living room or bedroom, the property probably isn’t for you. But if you’re walking around the property, visualising colour schemes in each room and what furniture could go where, then you’ve probably found your next home. By seeing yourself living in and enjoying a property, you’ll be even closer to making that final decision on which property to go after.

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