Finding the right solicitor or conveyancer

Along with choosing the correct estate agent to market your property, choosing the correct conveyancer or solicitor to carry out the conveyancing is one of the most important part of your house move.

Both solicitors and conveyancer have experience in handling contracts, giving legal advice, transferring funds to pay for a property, etc. However, solicitors also offer a full range of legal services; this can be useful if any complex legal issues arise during the sale or purchase of a property. 

If you have used a solicitor in the past for other business or have a family friend who is a solicitor you maybe tempted to use them for your house sale or purchase, whilst this seems like a good idea, many will not be able to represent your mortgage lender and this may lead to additional fees and added delays.

Ask your estate agent which solicitors they would recommend. They will have good strong relationships with those solicitors they trust. A good thing to bear in mind with the recommendation from your estate agent is that they often will have direct access to senior partners or someone within the firm that can address any questions if they arise.

When you are looking at quotations for the cost of your conveyancing it can be very confusing, a quick google search turns up plenty of firms seemingly offering quality service ‘From £99’, of course, the old saying, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. All of these firms will add on huge extra fees and added disbursements and much of the work will be carried out offshore or by untrained staff in call centres.

This is our basic steps when choosing a conveyancer or solicitor, if most of the answers to these questions are NO, move on and try another solicitor:

  • Does your estate agent or friend and family have someone they would recommend?
  • Are the legal fees ‘No Move no Fee?’
  • Is your quotation binding? Or just notes on a scrap of paper?
  • Does the quotation include all the fees involved, inc VAT?
  • Is the conveyancer or solicitor licensed?

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